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River intellect solution is a one stop solution for registering and managing marks worldwide.  File one application, in one language, to protect your mark in the territories of up to 98  countries.

Madrid –International Trademark Registration Process

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Attorney completes the application drafting and filing your trademark in all countries where your mark is or will be used. Trademark office protection is mainly bound by territory, your rights are confined to those countries in which your mark was applied for and registered.

Is your trademark about to expire? Here you can mandate us with a trademark renewal application.

Registered Trademarks are valid for a certain period of time. This is usually 10 years but there are exceptions in some countries. To mandate us with the trademark renewal please select the appropriate country below and submit the order form.


At the national/regional level, trademark protection can be obtained through registration, by filing an application for registration with the national/regional trademark office and paying the required fees. At the international level, you have two options: either you can file a trademark application with the trademark office of each country in which you are seeking protection, or you can use WIPO’s Madrid System.

Although each country has its own trademark application process, most procedures consist of the following steps:

1. Filing for application;
2. Formal examination by trademark authority;
3. Subsequent examination by trademark authority – the trademark authority will examine if your mark is eligible for trademark registration as per universal and local trademark requirements;
4. Possible search of similar trademarks by the trademark authority;
5. Acceptance and publication of the trademark or (provisional) refusal;
6. Opposition phase for third parties. After acceptance and publication, third parties have a limited time-frame to oppose the registration of your trademark by filing for an opposition;
7. Registration and issuance of registration certificate.

Exporting businesses, small and large, need a reliable, convenient and cost-effective mechanism to protect trademarks in markets of interest.

The Madrid System is the one-stop solution for trademark holders to obtain and maintain protection in multiple markets.

In principle, a trademark registration will confer an exclusive right to the use of the registered trademark. This implies that the trademark can be exclusively used by its owner, or licensed to another party for use in return for payment. Registration provides legal certainty and reinforces the position of the right holder, for example, in case of litigation.

The term of trademark registration can vary, but is usually ten years. It can be renewed indefinitely on payment of additional fees. Trademark rights are private rights and protection is enforced through court orders.

A word or a combination of words, letters, and numerals can perfectly constitute a trademark. But trademarks may also consist of drawings, symbols, three-dimensional features such as the shape and packaging of goods, non-visible signs such as sounds or fragrances, or color shades used as distinguishing features – the possibilities are almost limitless.

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